Using Mobile and Microlearning as a Blended Approach for PD

The course unit is one of the basic taught to beginning students. It introduces them to key concepts, operations and some basic analytical techniques and models in tourism. By the end of the course unit students are expected to understand what tourism entails and apply the learned basic concepts in other areas of the entire degree course. It is divided into the following topics; introduction to concepts key definitions and forms of tourism, tourist/travel demand and basic demand analytical tools, components of the tourism /travel industry, organization of the industry and tourism impacts, its analysis and mitigation methods. Teaching of introduction of tourism is imperative to understand what tourism is about, its contribution and consequences. It also helps students to understand interdisciplinary nature of tourism and how different approaches borrowed from various disciplines are integrated and used in tourism. The interdisciplinary approaches and methodology used help students to have in – depth understanding of tourism activity at different scales.


Course objectives

  • Provide a good understanding of tourism to beginners. This will facilitate students to build concrete foundation upon which to learn and understand basic concepts, principles and some analytical tools used in tourism.
  • Expose the students to the basic understanding of tourism industry.
  • Enable the students to analyze and design mitigation measures to control negative impacts associated with tourism industry.