The course enables the learner to develop an understanding of the mathematical principles and concepts which are useful in problem solving and decision making in the field of business. The contemporary optimization  decision in businesses normally based itself into quantitative analysis.

This is an introductory course providing a general understanding of basic microeconomic concepts. Specifically, it acquaints the students with the study of individual consumers, groups of consumers, and firms. The course will focus on how individuals make decisions that affect their income and wealth, how firms make decisions that affect profits and production, and how government regulation affects individuals and firms.

The course is designed to provide students with the ability to understand and apply basic principles of accounting and posting of accounting transactions from primary books to ledgers and extraction of trial balance. Students will also be taught Preparation and presentation of financial statements.

The course enables the learner to understand the foundations of marketing and develop an understanding of key marketing concepts as they relate to the whole business enterprise.