The ever-increasing number of graduates who hold Bachelor’s Degrees in Science and Arts subject eventually end up teaching. This situation leads to ineffective content delivery, hence contributing to poor performance in summative national examinations. This postgraduate programme will therefore provide an opportunity for such graduates to attain the professional qualification in the education sub-sector. Besides, the untrained teachers cannot easily access the PGDE training opportunities since most of the institutions offering similar programmes are based in the central region. The PGDE will then bring the services closure to those who would wish to attain professional qualification in education.

The PGDE of Muni University is aimed at:

(a) Providing participants with the requisite pedagogical knowledge and skills to be more

effective and competent teachers, lecturers or trainers. Thus, the main focus is to equip participants with good pedagogical practices in the design, delivery and evaluation of curricula.

(b) Equipping participants with critical self-reflection in relation to current international trends and challenges in pedagogy.

(c) Enabling participants to become familiar with the delivery of curricula to a variety of students, through several of delivery, in a wide range of contexts.